About Eng

Haruharu means “everyday” in Korean.

It is a lifestyle skincare brand that pursues honest beauty with a priority in providing fundamental skincare. We are passionate about finding the right, healthiest, superfood ingredients and our goals are to share our daily rituals to everyone to incorporate Haruharu into their precious skincare routine.

WONDER Original Line

“During 70 years of life span, an average person stands in front of the mirror 8 times a day which adds up to a year and a half. We also spend about 53 minutes a day to better our appearance. We are surrounded with many different items to express ourselves whether during the time we spend at the powder room and in front of the vanity table or in any personal space before starting a precious day that is given to us. From cotton pads, stylish lipsticks to perfumes, the tools we use to express our beauty defines who we are even when we are not using them. Take out cup designed by WONDER will stand out on your vanity table to start making you look more beautiful in starting of another beautiful day.”